Where are you located?
My home is in Westport, CT but I serve all of Fairfield, Litchfield, New Haven and Westchester Counties and surrounding areas.
Will you work with my existing pieces?
Absolutely! We love working with your treasured family heirlooms, vintage furniture, artwork, photography, collections and anything else that makes your heart sing.
Is there a minimum project size?
No. However, the minimum hourly consultation is 2 hours and does include a nominal travel fee if your location is outside a 30 mile radius from Westport, CT.
What is your fee structure?
We start with a complementary in-home or Zoom consultation. If we decide it's a good fit, I charge either an hourly rate or a per project rate, typically design plus procurement/project management fees. 
Will I feel obligated after the free consultation?
Absolutely not! The nature of interior design involves a level of trust and intimacy that are essential for a project to succeed. If you are not comfortable with me, for whatever reason, I would encourage you to seek out another design professional.
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